Swedish herbs with camphor

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Zweedse Kruiden
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Swedish herbs with camphor

• Aloë
• Mirre
• Saffron
• Senna leaves
• Camphor
• Rhabarb root
• Zedoary root
• Manna
• Venetian Theriak
• Silver Thistle
• Angelica root

Recipe: 60 grams Swedish herbs is done in a large weckpot. Here is 1 liter gin or vodka (40% alcohol). Make sure that the weckpot is hermetically sealed, so that no air or fluid in or out can. This mixture at room temperature for 14 days go by and shake daily. After 14 days the liquid filtering (a nylon stocking is very useful for) so eventually the Swedish bitter liqueur. This Elixir preferably in a cool and dark place, so that it can be kept for years.
The drink has a very strong taste so is best diluted with water or cold tea.


Suitable for internal and external use

For notification:
Due to current European legislation, we can only provide limited information about the use of herbs. If you are taking a medicine, do not stop taking it and do not replace it without consulting a doctor. Even with serious illnesses, pregnancies, breastfeeding or small children, it is advisable to inform yourself correctly.

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